I have been seeing Suze as a Homeopath for the last few years. She has treated me several times for different illnesses, all of which have cleared up rapidly. I find her caring nature and ability to get to the root of a problem are her strengths. I would highly recommend her to anyone needing Homeopathy.



Hi Suzanne


Here is the feedback I have been meaning to send you!


“I just want to say a huge thank you to you Suzanne.  It is truly amazing how much your homeopathic treatment has changed my life. 


When I first came to see you, I had just been told by my doctor that I needed to take anti-depressants for my anxiety and start seeing a cognitive behaviour therapist.  I just felt like drugs weren’t the answer for me. I can still remember walking into your office that first day.  I was a nervous wreck and was shaking from the anxiety;  I explained to you that I felt like a simmer pot constantly on the brink of boiling over and in a panic, as well as losing my temper regularly (and shamefully at my loved ones). I was also completely exhausted, all the time, like I just wasn’t getting enough sleep. I had been in pain with a lower back injury for a long time and had also been under a lot of stress not only at work but also in my family life. I also found it really hard to concentrate and focus on daily tasks.  It felt like this was caused not only by the pain but also from the anxiety.


You were so lovely to talk to and totally nonjudgemental and with such a sympathetic ear! You had a lovely candle burning and made me a cup of tea, which helped instantly to calm my frazzled nerves.  Comparing how I feel now, to when I first came to see you is really like night and day.  You sent me off with a remedy that day and little did I know that those first two drops would have such an instant effect.  Before coming to see you I would get a full 7-9 hours’ of uninterrupted sleep a night, but would wake in the morning feeling wrecked, like I had been out all night and had only had  few hours’ sleep.   That first morning I woke up feeling so refreshed, like I had finally had a good night’s sleep.  Not only that but I had dreams for the first time in a long time. 


My family life has also changed so much, I am so much happier and my children will tell you I am a much nicer Mum with so much energy and motivation.  I hadn’t realised until I looked back but there were lots of things we didn’t discuss that have ‘righted’ themselves. I was a cronic nail biter, with brittle nails that now grow long and strong.  My periods had become heavy and very very painful, and these have gone back to normal without any pain!  And Cody would probably tell you I am much more relaxed and showing my cheeky side too!



Thanks again



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I’m 46 years old and I got glandular fever at the end of 2012. Ini;ally it went undiagnosed but I was diagnosed in February 2013. I had had glandular fever as a teenager which I recovered from within a few weeks. This was completely different. I see an integrated medicine doctor. Medically there is nothing you can do for glandular fever, but he put me on a whole lot of supplements and intravenous vitamins. This appeared to do nothing. I basically had extreme fa;gue, zero mo;va;on, I got severely depressed, I suffered from anxiety and sleep issues. I have two boys 8 and 10 years old and no family support so somehow I had to keep going to try and keep their lives as normal as possible. Every day I felt I was figh;ng an insurmountable baLle with life, trying to get on with things, but feeling completely depleted of energy. I would go to bed ;red and I would wake up ;red. Nothing seemed to relieve any of the symptoms. Throughout the year I sought help in massage therapy, hypnotherapy and psychological therapy and con;nued to see my doctor throughout the year.

In September 2013 I went to see Suzanne Hansen. I was completely scep;cal about homeopathy, however a friend of mine who used to do homeopathy talked to me about it and went through all the things it can help with and recommended Suzanne to me. By this stage I felt like a basket case, felt like I was going mad and had no idea when I would feel normal again, I was prepared to try anything. Suzanne was completely hopeful that I would get beLer and that she could help me. She had the hope for me that I needed as I had zero hope in myself and it helped me to keep going. Ini;ally the remedy she gave me didn’t work and she quickly worked out that it was the wrong one for me. In October she put me on a different remedy and in November I started feeling beLer. By December I was a completely different person, I was back to my normal self and feeling even beLer than before I got glandular fever. My energy and vitality was back. I was no longer depressed or anxious and I was sleeping well. I was feeling posi;ve and ready to get on with my life. To me it has been a miraculous recovery and can’t believe how sick and unwell I was last year. I would definitely seek homeopathy treatment with other things.


Chronic Pain Management

Dear Suzanne

I wanted to write to you to thank you so much for what you have done for me.

I came to see you for the first time in 2008 regarding a nerve causing a huge amount of pain in my back.  I had previously visited numerous doctors and undertook an MRI scan.  After visiting a Musculoskeletal Specialist I was told that I had a neurological pain caused by a nerve in my back.  It was suggested at the time that I should be prescribed “Amitriptyline” and that I would be on this drug for life!

After considering my options, I was lucky enough to visit you where you undertook a full evaluation of myself.  After much tears (by me!) and laughter and a lot of homework by you, I was given a remedy to try.  Within 5 days the pain that I had lived with for 2 years, had gone.  It was an incredible feeling.   I was and still are in absolute orr of what you have done for me.  The time and energy you put into finding the right remedy for me was incredible and I will always be so appreciative.

Now two years down the track, I again visited the doctor in regard to a reflux/stomach condition, and again have been back and forth to the doctor to no avail.  I contacted you and I was given a remedy to try with a back up remedy, should the first one not work.  After the first 5 days, I was still much the same.  However, after consultation from you, I swapped to the second remedy, which within 48 hours worked miraculously, just like in 2008.

Suzanne, I sincerely thank you for all you have done for me, I know that without your consultation, I would certainly not be out of the woods yet.   You have proven yourself to be an amazing homeopath who I feel absolutely blessed to class as a confidante, specialist and friend.    Your confidentiality regarding our consultations has been so appreciated and I now know that you will always be my first port of call.

I feel it is so important for you to realize from a client, that you simply are an amazing woman who has completely turned my life around through your dedication of “getting it right”!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Christine Freebury