Homeopathic treatment changes life

“I just want to say a huge thank you to you Suzanne.  It is truly amazing how much your homeopathic treatment has changed my life. 


When I first came to see you, I had just been told by my doctor that I needed to take anti-depressants for my anxiety and start seeing a cognitive behaviour therapist.  I just felt like drugs weren’t the answer for me. I can still remember walking into your office that first day.  I was a nervous wreck and was shaking from the anxiety;  I explained to you that I felt like a simmer pot constantly on the brink of boiling over and in a panic, as well as losing my temper regularly (and shamefully at my loved ones). I was also completely exhausted, all the time, like I just wasn’t getting enough sleep. I had been in pain with a lower back injury for a long time and had also been under a lot of stress not only at work but also in my family life. I also found it really hard to concentrate and focus on daily tasks.  It felt like this was caused not only by the pain but also from the anxiety.


You were so lovely to talk to and totally nonjudgemental and with such a sympathetic ear! You had a lovely candle burning and made me a cup of tea, which helped instantly to calm my frazzled nerves.  Comparing how I feel now, to when I first came to see you is really like night and day.  You sent me off with a remedy that day and little did I know that those first two drops would have such an instant effect.  Before coming to see you I would get a full 7-9 hours’ of uninterrupted sleep a night, but would wake in the morning feeling wrecked, like I had been out all night and had only had  few hours’ sleep.   That first morning I woke up feeling so refreshed, like I had finally had a good night’s sleep.  Not only that but I had dreams for the first time in a long time. 


My family life has also changed so much, I am so much happier and my children will tell you I am a much nicer Mum with so much energy and motivation.  I hadn’t realised until I looked back but there were lots of things we didn’t discuss that have ‘righted’ themselves. I was a cronic nail biter, with brittle nails that now grow long and strong.  My periods had become heavy and very very painful, and these have gone back to normal without any pain!  And Cody would probably tell you I am much more relaxed and showing my cheeky side too!

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